About us

What to Expect?

"One of the first things that attracted me to the church was the diversity of the singing. We sing in different languages, sometimes with instruments and other times without, which creates a beautiful mixture and gives our church a unique identity. The singing is also ‘vibey’ yet reverent."
~ Anina van der Walt ~

"What impacts me most about our church is that there is no racism; it is all about God and building relationships and family. It’s not about what you have; it’s purely unconditional love."
~ Sindi Myataza ~



"I love the way that the messages are both inspiring and practical at the same time. Everything that is preached is straight from the Bible and leaves you with lots of food for thought. While being a great source of spiritual food, they also make you want to get to know your Bible better."
~ Keri Aguirre 

"What initially drew me to the church was the overwhelming friendliness. When I arrived at a service for the first time, people formed a group around me. I had never experienced friendship like that in my life."
~ SN Midde~



What should I wear?

"Wear something you feel comfortable in. You don't have to focus too much on what to wear. You just need to be neat and comfortable." 

"Sundays are a little smarter. It is all up to you and what you feel comfortable wearing. If you like dressing up though, then Sunday is the day to do it."
~Franco Leshalabe~

What to bring?

Bring your kids, yourself and a Bible!

What is available for my kids?

"The aim of KidzZone is to make the time spent in each class the BEST hour and a half of a child’s week. This is done by instilling a knowledge and love for God that will lay the foundation for an intimate relationship with God: a relationship made to last deep into adulthood. Each class has lessons formulated to suit developmental ages and individual needs. Kid’s Kingdom is about having fun in a safe and God-focused environment."